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  1. List - Hentai List (hentailist)
  2. Aki Sora (Synonyms: Akisora, Autumn Sky ) (????) (2009)
  3. A soft-core erotic relationship drama following the Aoi family siblings. As Sora finds himself beginning a sinful relationship with his sister Aki, his twin sister Nami tries to set him up with her own best friend Kana. But Nami has feelings for Kana herself, and when she actually sees the two of them getting together..
  4. episode 1 - http://media2.hentaischool.com/movies/A/Aki%20Sora/Aki%20Sora%20-%20Ep1.mp4
  5. episode 2 - http://media2.hentaischool.com/movies/A/Aki%20Sora/Aki%20Sora%20-%20Ep2.mp4
  6. episode 3 - http://media2.hentaischool.com/movies/A/Aki%20Sora/Aki%20Sora%20-%20Ep3.mp4
  7. Bakunyuu Maid Kari (Synonyms: Hunting for Bakunyuu Maids, Bakunyuu Maid Gari )
  8. (???????)
  9. Miyako Misaki is hired by her schoolmate Ai to work by her side at a maid cafe.
  10. But none of them know that somewhere in Akihabara an underground organisation called "Maid masters" abduct young waitresses to confine and rape them...
  11. episode 1- http://media2.hentaischool.com/movies/B/Bakunyuu%20Maid%20Kari/Bakunyuu%20Maid%20Kari%20aka%20Hunting%20for%20Bakunyuu%20Maids%20-%20Ep1%20(Eng%20Sub).mp4
  12. episode 2 - http://media2.hentaischool.com/movies/B/Bakunyuu%20Maid%20Kari/Bakunyuu%20Maid%20Kari%20aka%20Hunting%20for%20Bakunyuu%20Maids%20-%20Ep2%20(Eng%20Sub).mp4
  13. Cafe Junkie ( ?????????)
  14. Even though Masaru is about to graduate from a technical college pretty soon he still has no job. One and only pleasure for him is to spend time at a cafe called "Hidamari". The cafe is owned by his childhood friend's Nanami and Kurumi's parents and they are working there too. One day, he learns another one of his childhood friends is coming back to his town. He says "I wanna meet her soon.". Triggered by his word, Nanami and Kurumi start to approach him in a very different way than they ever did before...
  15. episode 1 - http://media2.hentaischool.com/movies/C/Cafe%20Junkie/Cafe%20Junkie%20-%20Ep1.mp4
  16. episode 2 - http://media2.hentaischool.com/movies/C/Cafe%20Junkie/Cafe%20Junkie%20-%20Ep2.mp4
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