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Android cache data
  1. none            /cache        tmpfs    nosuid,nodev,noatime    defaults
  2. none            /data        tmpfs    nosuid,nodev,noatime    defaults
  4. /devices/*/block/sr*        auto    auto    defaults        voldmanaged=cdrom:auto
  5. /devices/*/usb*/*        auto    auto    defaults        voldmanaged=usb:auto,encryptable=userdata
  6. /devices/*/mmc0:a*/*        auto    auto    defaults        voldmanaged=sdcard1:auto,encryptable=userdata
  7. /devices/*/*sdmmc*/*        auto    auto    defaults        voldmanaged=sdcard1:auto,encryptable=userdata
  8. /devices/*/80860F14:01/mmc_*    auto    auto    defaults        voldmanaged=sdcard1:auto,encryptable=userdata
  9. /devices/*/80860F14:02/mmc_*    auto    auto    defaults        voldmanaged=sdcard1:auto,encryptable=userdata
  10. /devices/*/80860F16:00/mmc_*    auto    auto    defaults        voldmanaged=sdcard1:auto,encryptable=userdata
  11. /devices/*/PNP0FFF:00/mmc_*    auto    auto    defaults        voldmanaged=sdcard1:auto,encryptable=userdata
  12. my fstab.ranchu for a more standard android kernel (beware of sdb and sdc, it will depend on which order you put your disk images in your QEMU command line)
  13. /dev/block/sdb          /data           ext4    noatime,nosuid,nodev,nomblk_io_submit,errors=panic   wait,check,quota,reservedsize=128M,first_stage_mount
  14. /dev/block/sdc          /cache          ext4    noatime,nosuid,nodev,nomblk_io_submit,errors=panic   wait,check,quota,reservedsize=128M,first_stage_mount
  16. /devices/*/block/sr*        auto    auto    defaults        voldmanaged=cdrom:auto
  17. /devices/*/usb*/*        auto    auto    defaults        voldmanaged=usb:auto,encryptable=userdata
  18. /devices/*/mmc0:a*/*        auto    auto    defaults        voldmanaged=sdcard1:auto,encryptable=userdata
  19. /devices/*/*sdmmc*/*        auto    auto    defaults        voldmanaged=sdcard1:auto,encryptable=userdata
  20. /devices/*/80860F14:01/mmc_*    auto    auto    defaults        voldmanaged=sdcard1:auto,encryptable=userdata
  21. /devices/*/80860F14:02/mmc_*    auto    auto    defaults        voldmanaged=sdcard1:auto,encryptable=userdata
  22. /devices/*/80860F16:00/mmc_*    auto    auto    defaults        voldmanaged=sdcard1:auto,encryptable=userdata
  23. /devices/*/PNP0FFF:00/mmc_*    auto    auto    defaults        voldmanaged=sdcard1:auto,encryptable=userdata
  24. By using "androidboot.hardware=ranchu" in the kernel command line, there are things that are needed for running Android on QEMU that will be automatically loaded (like the soft gatekeeper, gatekeeper.ranchu), but also others that aren't working with QEMU. I searched for files containing vulkan.ranchu, gralloc.ranchu, hwcomposer.ranchu in their name and deleted those files from the rootfs
  25. Edit init.ranchu.rc to use "swiftshader".
  26. on boot
  27.     setprop ro.hardware.egl swiftshader
  28.     setprop debug.hwui.renderer opengl
  29.     setprop debug.hwui.renderer ${ro.kernel.qemu.uirenderer}
  30.     setprop ro.opengles.version ${ro.kernel.qemu.opengles.version}
  31.     setprop ro.zygote.disable_gl_preload 1
  32.     [...]
  34. The QEMU line I used to run the thing was
  35. kvm -m 4096 -smp 4 -kernel bzImage  -append "root=/dev/sda rootfstype=ext4 ro init=/init selinux=1 checkreqprot=1 androidboot.selinux=permissive console=ttyS0 androidboot.hardware=ranchu loglevel=8" -serial mon:stdio -drive format=raw,file=system.img -vga std
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