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  2. Hello,
  4. EU user consent controls in Ad Manager and restricted data processing (CCPA) settings provide a variety of options for enabling non-personalised ads and restricted data processing ads configurations.
  6. Beginning on October 21, 2021, Google will start a phased rollout to enable publishers to begin sending bid requests for publishers’ non-personalised and restricted data processing ad requests to the third-party RTB buyers. To protect user privacy, RTB protocol fields that are designed to be used to share user identifiers (e.g. google_user_id) will not be populated in these bid requests.
  8. Our high-level phased rollout plan can be viewed here. The phased rollout plan set out on that page will be updated from time to time, so please review this resource periodically.
  10. What does this rollout mean for your ad monetisation setup?
  12. Starting in October, your UI settings relating to CCPA, GDPR and LGPD will apply to bid requests sent to third-party bidders for non-personalised and restricted data processing inventory. This means that when non-personalised ads or restricted data processing is selected:
  14. •     Bid requests will be sent to third-party bidders, including for users in the EEA/UK, Brazil and CA, as determined by any applicable vendor selections in the Ad Manager UI:
  15. ○     For CA requests, you can select bidders that may receive bid requests in your CCPA settings tab
  16. ○     For EEA and UK requests, you can select ad technology providers in your EU user consent tab
  17. ○     For BR requests, bid requests will be sent to bidders that are part of the ad technology providers for the LGPD list
  18. ○     Ad requests tagged with ?npa=1 or ?rdp=1 outside of the above regions will be sent to all bidders, subject to other protections
  19. •     Bid requests sent to third-party bidders will be labelled with appropriate privacy signals, and user identifiers (e.g. google_user_id) will be removed
  21. More information on Ad Manager non-personalised advertising settings can be found here. Please review your vendor selections and confirm with third-party bidders their ability to serve non-personalised creatives.
  23. Until next time,
  24. The Google Ad Manager team
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