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  1. Seven / twenty four / 2020.
  3. San Jose, California, area, in the United States. Iso of a responsible person, or responsible people, to adopt a 2 to 3 year old female kitty
  5. She is probably 2 to 3 years old. Was stray, over a year ago. Grey, white, with stripes, & swirls, & some rust color. Green eyes. She likes to be indoor / outdoor. Not fond of living with other cats, or animals. Will snuggle under the covers with you. Due to her youngish age, she does not like to be held for more than about 30 seconds to a minute. Loves to be brushed,&, get on top of armoires, likes cool places indoors when it's hot, and likes warm places when it's cold (under the covers, on top of the covers in front of a fireplace). Good at climbing trees. Enjoys sitting on the roof, & taking in what is going on in the neighborhood. Loves to lie on chairs,&,sofas, as well. Does not really wish to be around people other than her humans / caretakers. Likely abused. Doesn't like yelling, &, I will not yell at her. Likes quiet. Loves tuna, chicken, steak, turkey, &, some dry food. We have had her for a little over a year.
  7. My housemate is diabetic, has high blood pressure, a stent, drinks a little more than he should, & literally said his moms cats got eaten, or run over by cars, in response to our kitty almost getting eaten by a hawk.
  9. I am looking for a person, or people, that will keep her indoors, or use an indoor / outdoor catio. I don't want her scooped up by a hawk, or coyotes. Don't want her attacked by raccoons, or possums, either.
  11. Provided you swear that you will keep her safe from coyotes, hawks, raccoons, and possums, I will consider an applicant, or applicants that are okay with a fifty dollar re-homing / adoption fee.
  13. I will provide plastic bowl set, carrier, toys,&, cat condo
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